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Latest SJSU RID project updates

Arm Fitted To The Base

Here is a pic of the arm fitted to the base. We still need a lot of work on the wiring and code. We will keep you posted and make a video when we get the robot moving! (15.4″ laptop

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Completed RID Arm: Inverse Kinematics Test (Video)

The arm has been completed. There still needs to be some tuning with the PID settings on the servo controllers but here is video of the inverse kinematics test.

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Aluminum Base Construction And Track System!

For the prototype, Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) was used. MDF allowed us to construct and modify the design easily and inexpensively. For the final version, the base will be constructed out of aluminum. Here are some pictures of the base’s aluminum construction

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Testing wireless inverse kinematics

Testing wireless inverse kinematics code on the small scale prototype arm.Inverse kinematics allows us to control the arm by inputting the desired location of the end of the arm. Then the microcontroller calculates and sends the servo angles necessary to

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More Aluminum Parts Fabricated!

Fabian has been hard at work fabricating aluminum parts. Turning raw material into structural pieces for the RID’s base. Here is an example of some fabricating jigs he uses to create different aluminum parts.

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Test Run: Drive Motors

The drive motors were tested inside the prototype.

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Test Run: Wireless Arduino Comunication

We will be controlling the robot via XBee communication between Arduinos. This video shows the XBee communication from an Arduino Uno to an Arduino Mega 2560. As I turn the poteniometer on the Uno, the LED connected to the Mega will

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A Prototype has been constructed out of MDF (Medium-density fibreboard). The prototype has allowed us to better visualize the location of components and check for additional alterations to the design.   The arm’s rotation base is powered by an Invenscience  i00600 Torxis servo. 3

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